Letter from a tired metabolism



Baby i know you’re disappointed of me. I know that recently you hide under baggy clothes and avoids beach. You requires me an energy that I have. The cookies and sodas do not give me the necessary support.

I’m overwhelmed and unfortunately, I see myself forced to store energy in the form of fat. I know that you’re ashamed of your stockpile, but what you ask of me, I can’t offer you. I’m weak! I will not rest, and who knows when was my last restful sleep. When I wake up, you didn’t feed me and when I feed, not quality.

I’m stressed and close to a nervous breakdown. I know you expect more of me, but I have to be honest, I expected more from you too. You ask me focus, energy and less fat. I beg you nutrients, hydration and rest. And just like you, I am.

You get upset with the gut stuck, but baby, I’m in no condition to give up anything now. Don’t ask me to remember something. My stock of antioxidants is low, my cell membranes without flexibility and the bad fat you consume, just me! I can’t carry the sugar you eat well and against my will, I had to call my friend insulin more often. If you’re dizzy and have a headache, blame.

And you know how much it is difficult, every time she appears so cluttered I have to stock up on even more fat. Give up the creams and massages, my love. No longer respond to external stimuli. I’m so nervous I asked for advice to cortisol. He advised me to retain as much fluid as you can to protect me and whenever possible, get rid of unnecessary weight. Well, muscles are heavy and I no longer have the ability to carry them around. I chose fat baby, I’m sorry.

With the scarcity of nutrients had to make drastic choices. I’m no longer nourishing your skin and hair, so you see them go. I’m so nervous that capsules and supplements are not absorbed. I’m angry with you, I don’t want to talk. I am writing this letter as a goodbye. I’m signing off and soon, the shortness of breath will be evident.

The more get sick, but you’re hitting me with drugs and I honestly don’t understand why you treat me like this. You sound like you want to see me suffer. Not only that all the years of neglect, now screams to the seven winds I’m slow, that your metabolism is slow. It hurts!! I was born with some imperfections, but thought that you, with human intelligence, knew ensure your body. I was wrong! You haven’t been paying attention to the signs and abused me. when I get tired and go home, where you will live?

Translation of this article



  1. Consistence is the Key. It´s all about the “almost every day” recipe! Be consistent on the study- the brain workout. Be consistent on the training- the body workout. Be consistent in breathing and put all the things together;
  2. Strength starts from inside. Starts in the brain, in the heart,  focus on the control. Without heart and mind the strength of the body is of no use, trust me about it;
  3. You create your hapiness. It’s you, your happiness! You have choices, choose well;
  4. Every experience, repetition counts. Be the best version of yourself in each one;
  5. Know “your purpose” Training. Know exactly the exercises, nutrition, sleep,  breath patterns and stress manegement that you need. Have a purpose of life!
  6. Protein deficience? I don’t know anyone that have it! So, don’t be obessed about it;
  7. All the time, if possible, with Joy. True enjoyment with heart, body and mind;
  8. Have ideas, goals and focus all the time. Know exacly what you want;
  9. Kitchen is the secret;
  10. Be an example. Practice, show it! The smallest act  is worth more than the grandest intention.


Spring, The Strength Season

“Always the Spring but never the same flowers “(Chinese proverb)


More light, more day, brighter, hotter, Nature awakens from its sleep of winter and look forward, here is the Spring! Everything is reborn, it rejuvenates, life expresses itself, stronger!

Observe nature and get a better understanding of the human being.
With the rest of winter, necessary, appears in the spring the “eagerness to go” for risk, with a clear vision and a sense of purpose. Urge the acting, the plant and seed ideas, formulate new ideas, believing that better if will reap fruit, make the right decisions!

As necessity, in winter we were more at home with the family, the metabolism down, we need to preserve more fat mass, calm the spirit, to reflect, to stretch more, the fireplace. With the arrival of more heat, took the family into the street, take the heat, emotions,  and food ideas, friendship! We want to grow and show us like the almond trees in blossom.

In the spring we will show us more, watching us, watching others, knowing and not knowing. Sometimes costly because it can be difficult to convey all that we want. Let’s take this slowly, spring is a challenge.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Spring represents the liver and gallbladder. The liver is called strategic planning officer, the great architect of our vision of the future, the official who see what courses we have to live our lives in harmony with nature “. Its companion, the gallbladder gives the ability to make decisions and judge wisely. A decision is not a matter of choice between equal alternatives. Through these employees we can see both the new possibilities and the wisdom of the past and thus view the field of clear and appropriate to take. Without a vision and a plan, decision and direction, no movement is possible – there is only frustration.

The element tree within us governs our sense of sight, the emotion of anger, to the sound of “screams”. Want to see better? Take good care of your vision and have one! The scream of wanting to live is the better communication but don’t turn it into a negative emotion. If we’re right, we all will hear without screaming, literally. Have you ever noticed that the problem of emotions of this season may be the anger, the frustration, but do you remember someone who has achieved everything you wanted? Let’s take this slowly, one step at a time. Grow and be reborn takes time, give it to you!

Flourish naturally and ferment of ideas. The fermented, the pickles are good for this season. Clean your liver, eat more sprouted and learn more about the turnip, radish and radishes. Give some strong psychedelic to your life as the plum vinegar, rice, and sauerkraut. The liver’s not too fond of animal products, alcohol, sugar, stress and polluting environments. Freshness is important, and green is the color!

The strength training starts making more effect because ligaments, tendons and muscles, which attach themselves energetically to the liver and gall bladder, are stronger. Take care of your knees! No Crossfit’s WOD and an exaggerated form. Start the day early, be outdoors and gardening can be a great discovery.

It’s time to reread “Walden or life in the Woods” from Henry David Thoreau, of hugging a tree, a friend, hanging out with friends! Where there are trees is also because it is spring. Go ahead because the spring doesn’t arrive until the summer. Use your abundant energy wisely and more than that, to paraphrase Pablo Neruda – “let life do what Spring does with the flowers”.

I’m intolerant to the tolerance and extremes

The cultured man has the obligation to be intolerant.” —  Nicolás Gómez Dávila

I am intolerant to gluten, lactose, strength training with maximum loads (1-3 reps) and a lot of things they say that i need  to carry in the body.
No, I’m not resistant to change. Human beings must work to change for better and and not affraid  of the unknown. But….


Yes, i’m are “intolerant” of extremists of ideas in the ” knowledge”,” science “,” common sense “. Our story  prooved that right?  I think that ….

Yes, I’m  intolerant  at the bread that is not bread, milk which are hormones and other wastes, the olive oil that doesn’t smell like olives, chicken and eggs that is fed from the remains of animals and processed cereals, the cow that don’t know what is herb and don’t laughed, the fish that looks like the planet Mercury withou any balance between Omega 3 and 6, the fruit juices with little fruit, salads filled with sauces that seem more like pesticides, product that enhances the taste because the food has no taste, or be in decay?

I am intolerant to the ones they think that “protein” is “animal protein. Common, really? Yes, you could be vegetarian ore reducetarian and be very strong! Talk (?) to rhino what he eats!

I am intolerant to grains and fruits that came from Cochinchina (exist), on the other side of the world, destroying the population and land just because we say they are miraculous, in fashion.  In my country, Portugal, and here in Switzerland (where i live) we are rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals. I am intolerant to such marketing. Local markets, season, organicc! But it costs so much? Preferable to eat less but with quality (nourishes, feeds) than eating more and “trash”, right?


I am intolerant to those who change their opinions like they change a jacket. A study/opinion  says that it’s bad make stretching and they spread the word; After a few months a new study contradict this and ups, we changed our minds/opinion. Above all we must realize that some people need more strength work, others resistance, others mobility, flexibility, and all, etc, etc. Do you really think for a person that “charged all stress in the shoulders” a lesson from stretch/yoga/pilates/chi-kung/massage  would hurt? Reflect before responding. But, Yes, always depends,….Just move, do it!

I am intolerant to fervent defenders of strength training with maximum loads. Nor is critical neither essential! Strength training, it is essential! But, wait, ah ok: must be to sell more Personal Trainer sessions. Do you really think is functional? How many times are you rised big loads daily/in the week? 0? 1?  If you are an athlete and you need, ok!  but if not: move, carrying loads (not big), turn, pull, push, squat, am I right? Just do it!

Still want to talk about gluten, lactose and dead lift? Be resistant to the “noise”!

Respect food, your body (your temple), your family, read labels, follow the science and: use your intuition by the way. Be!

(This opinion was inspired in this article!)

Highlights 2014

1. Cooking is the true alchemy! Try to cook all your meals: save  money, investing in health, in training, in the rest, no stress, on the quality of life;

2. Finally the strength training is recognized by science including in the treatment of cancer and in reverse aging;

3. Milk, the end of a calcifying myth?

4. We should eat less animal protein: good for us, other species and the environment. Eat more hummus, more tempeh, seaweed, beans, more quiona and amaranth. Don’t worry!

5. You born and die, is right! What you make between these two events is the most important. Experience life, with less material. Climb a mountain walking; Know what you eat, you can visit the local markets. Travel, learn about different cultures and understand why should eat and live differently-  these people due to the unique energy of each location! Have fun choosing activities that truly you  like! This the same for all doesn’t fit, it’s boring!

6. The myth of the fat disappeared but doesn’t justify the consumption of one of the worst choices of fat : the bacon; Here, the avocado and coconut gained immense terrain, precisely!

7. Train Cardio (running, walking, running) to make greater gains for the long term in strength training, great also in recovery. This year there were too many unsubstantiated considerations that you shouldn’t do “cardio” workout, lie! But, I’m not talking about running marathons and half-marathons with regularity, I’d advise against it. Maximum 10-15 km per week (with various methods: fartlek, stairs, sprints, series, etc).


8. Attention the fruit has fructose (sugar). Do not abuse in their consumption. The best are: avocado, coconut and berries (berrys).

9. “Weight lifting” (Weightlifting) is a practice of “skill” and should be trained as such.

10. The Crossfit is not bad, there is some bad instructors, some bad clients (their bodies) and a need to fill the coffers of someone, as in everything in life. Do 3-4 x a week doesn’t make sense from the point of view of health. It’s like your favorite Club to do 3-4 times per week competitive, make sense? No! Pay attention to your body’s biofeedbacks.

11. For your health don’t eat much meat, eggs and fish. If you consume, eat little and organic. The focus on the consumption of too much animal protein is unsubstantiated (although handy to megalomaniac agricultural industry) unless you’re an athlete and others with greatest needs. Attention: the “protein” is important!

12. Finally the women realized that those exercises “kegel” and such to the pelvic work  only harm and, the squats, activation of glutes and Kettlebell swings are amazing!

13. Carbohydrates are not inflammatory unless you’re talking about the processed and simple. Integrals, almost always, soaked and well cooked and is practically the problem solved. Eat some algae and little beans.
14. All the training, above all is doing the exercises that we need, well done, to fulfill its function. “Functional Training”?
15. Gluten and sugar were the public enemies, the first unfairly. I don’t want to extend a lot about the gluten but, try the following (as a tip for a scientific study): well soaked the cereal (6-8) before cooking and chew very well, in conjunction with a good source of fat and protein and will see that the gluten, except for celiacs, isn’t a problem.

16. Very pleased that training with his own body and contact with nature has gained ground in the interests of customers. Makes sense doesn’t it? We are living beings and is to take advantage of our body’s intelligently in our planet Earth;

17. In nutrition like to join the best of the West (clinical and evolutionary) and the East (traditional Chinese medicine and Macrobiotic), and we know it’s all evolution, all adapted but, the science of evolutionary and Paleo nutrition, in my opinion, made two mistakes, not serious: 1) romanticized too much the cereals. Of course if we eat a lot of cereal is bad, including for fertility, such as bad eating too much animal protein, a lot of fat. 2) if our genome has adapted slowly throughout history the opposite happens with our microbioma (bacteria, fungi, etc.) by adapting to the lifestyle and environment, quickly, is scientific, it’s survival!
18. Sleep and managing stress is very important if you want results in strength training.

19. Yes, strength training is equally or more effective than the cardio workout to improve decrease the percentage of body fat and decrease the abdominal perimeter.

20. You must be unsure of anything, keep your curiosity, kindness and do what you like. Eat well, sleep well and be active! No stress and the “no pain no gain” is not correct. Use your body, explore…. BE YOU!

2015 challenge: a closer look around us. Observe better the wonderful NATURE of our planet, breathe it, feel it!!!


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