Maybe the reason is “the sleep”

“I’m training very well, eat well but, i don’t sleep well”!



1. Have trouble making decisions?
2. How’s your memory?
3. Easily irritated? Depression?
4. Lack of sexual desire?
5. Increased appetite?
6. Inability to manage stress?
7. Difficulties of vision?

Have most of these signs? If so, maybe the secret is to sleep well. Sleep well is different from a lot of sleep.

Solutions that may help:

Diagnosis: how are your kidneys and bladder? Maybe a lack of equilibrium in the functioning of these organs can be the reason!

Exercise. Are you done yoga, mind &body /massage therapies or dynamic flexibility training? Walk in mountain?

Food: Have been drinking enough water? Your immune system is being strengthened (Pro, prebiotics)? Have eaten enough algae and legumes?

Socialization: Your relationships are well? Balance them!

Technologies: Long linked to technologies? in the last 2-3 hours, before going to bed, switch off!


Articles on fire #3


1. The air almost unbreathable in the gyms

When we exercise, we inhale more air on each breath and most of the air passes through the mouth, ignoring the natural filtering system, the nostrils. Pollutants entering the lungs and complications may begin! Beware of the ventilation as influences on cognitive and physical performance. Always have the chance to go outdoors, interspersing!

2. Stop lying about time. If your time isn’t yours then neither is your life

“Exercise, health, better sleep, time to relax, meditation, eating well etc is rarely something we need to do urgently. Changing a habit or doing more of what contributes to our longevity and health is usually not urgent. It doesn’t have to be done right then. Which is why we put it off for “when we have time.” But it’s important.
That is, until we break down enough in health or energy. Then we feel the pressure to change and scramble to throw money at what will get us the quickest result. Then it becomes both urgent and important”.

3. Medical exams in FC Barcelona

Assessment is (very) important in high competition but attention and to shuffle: clients use the Personal Trainer to stay in shape and feel good and not to be (constantly) to make evaluations. Always have the attention to evaluate and register lately. It may be boring…

4. Sorry, Your Gut Bacteria Are Not the Answer to All Your Health Problems

“The hype has kicked off a gold rush. Big food companies—including Nestle, PepsiCo, Monsanto, and General Mills—have funded gut bacteria studies, and some have even opened centers to develop foods that interact with the microbiome, such as probiotics. According to Transparency Market Research the global probiotics market is expected to reach an astonishing $45 billion by 2018″.

“Still, despite the optimism, some researchers caution that much of what we hear about microbiome science isn’t always, well, science. Dr. Lita Proctor heads the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Human Microbiome Project (HMP), an outgrowth of the Human Genome Project. “We are discovering a whole new ecosystem,” she says. But “I do have some fear—we all do in the field—that the hype and the potential overpromise, and the idea that somehow this is going to be different—there is a terrific fear that it will all backfire.”

5. Recipe: Granola Bars / Cereal (the perfect substitute for all those boxed cereals)

6. Ten things to Stop Doing if You Want to Exercise

No excuses, no excesses, without finding that is easy, without thinking that there is a right time, without fear of failure, without seeking perfection.

Fail, do, together, now, be happy!

7.Facebook Fraud

Why this? To say that it is not the quantity that matters but the quality! But it is interesting!

Articles on fire #2



1. Intervention of a Macrobiotic Diet in the treatment of Diabetes type 2:

Twenty-one days of intervention appear to be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. Interesting the intervention have been make in different countries: Italy, Ghana, China and Cuba.

2. Strategies to eliminate processed foods in our diets:

3. Stories and records of someone who converted to a diet low in carbohydrates:

Interesting conclusions by revealing that this kind of scheme may not be for everyone. Above all always take into consideration the objectives, their genetics, the sources of carbohydrates and the level of activity.

4. Mobility to overcome “the great depression” Boomer:
Don’t forget: first mobility. Never neglect the strength training. Use the intensity. Play!

5. The future of Psychiatry can be in our stomach http:

The State of the microbioma of our stomach can relate to a healthier mind.

6. The manipulated food may be hard to stop consuming:

The cooking has made us more human. Before we eat foods we eat often ideas and images. Improve your relationship with your stove, can be crucial.

7. See: the importance of physical education:

8. Specific vs. General | Gym vs. Field:

The strength training has numerous transfers to many activities of daily life but, still, it’s better to make a series of 20-50 m sprint to catch the bus than do 100 squats a day. It’s more specific!!!



Fatigue? Tired?

A client asked me what are the best advice in the fight against fatigue, so here goes:
1. You rest? It’s not a fight against tiredness.  Rest like a warrior!
2. Do you really sleep? is restorative? wake up during the night?
3. How you feel during the day and what time does this happen more?
4. Spends a lot of time sitting? Are you active? stress?
5. Tell me about your meals?



With these and other questions, you can see if the source of the problem is nutritional, exercise or psicologic!

However, here are some general advice:
1. If you’re tired, rest! ;
2. Repeat the 1st;
3. Have breakfast with more protein if possible and with sources of carbohidrates of slow absorption (and if possible organic);
4. Take estilmulantes (coffee, chocolate, aromatic teas) and soda drinks (with caffeine)? I repeat: If you’re tired, why force the the kidneys and intensify even more the tiredness? Stop maybe even the word of order!
5. Hydrated? A dehydrated body is a body tired! If you do exercise drink a little more;
6. Do exercise. Improves sleep quality. Very intense only if not near bedtime. Do breathing exercises and relaxation;
7. Reduce stress. Remove that weight off your shoulders.  Do yoga, pilates, relaxation techniques or stress management. Breathe through the diaphragm.

8. your digestive system may be a little low or stimulated.  If yes, do smaller and simple meals and try at least one of them have the 5 flavors;
9. Alcohol? wrong direction!
10. No electrical stimulation (computers, tablets, etc.) because it impairs the production of melatonin. Read a book, be surronded of the people you love.The world desperately needs storytellers:-);
11. Studies indicate that release water against the face can help improve the state of alert;
12. Let the concerns of the work on the job site!
13. Share it because releases stress 🙂


Lies, dogmas and food jokes

(scientifically proven)

1. Breakfast is the main meal of the day? No, they’re all! But, can make this meal a great beginning. For supporters of “fasting” will be more complicated.

2. Saturated fat cause heart disease? Yes, if you eat a good amount and if it is of terrible quality but generally the relationship is not linear, as if sold this idea in recent decades. Fat is important for our health especially for cell membranes but, bacon? No, unless they are in the industry of the poor pigs;

3. High intake of Omega-6  and other oils is beneficial? easy answer: no! The ratio of Omega-6: Omega-3 should be 1: 1. If the sources are of origin rendered even worse.

4. Artificial Sweeteners better than sugar for diabetics treatment and promote weight loss? Run of sweeteners. The studies prove otherwise, including further increases in weight. Aspartame is a horror movie for the eyes of their digestive organs;

5. Soy is healthy? It was while it wasn’t fashionable. Now with mass production and the OMGs, gone are the benefits. You can eat but if only soybean.  Black Soybean is great!

6. Whole grains are good for everyone? But there is something good for everyone? for some, even love makes them confusion as more cereals. Even the integrals increase the level of insulin and leptin and the relationship between these two associates to the most common diseases like diabetes, cardiac problems and dementia. Control their intake but there is a trick: a lot of chewing grains can slightly change the process. We have the teeth for?

7. Genetically modified foods are healthier than conventional? In that world? This certainly not! And, its long-term impact, I believe, can be frightening.

8. Eggs are bad for cholesterol? Of course not but don’t eat eggs to the rhythm that the hens lay. Attention: if not organic (and even then you must certify this veracity but, let’s trust) of little serves to improve good cholesterol as the studies show!

9. Low fat diets prevent obesity and heart disease? If that were true, the main diets of the past century had worked. Fat is important for digestive functions, brain, endocrine and cell phones, ok?

10. The carbohydrates should be your main source of energy? Depends on your biotype, tolerances, digestive system and the type of carbohydrates. Attention, sources of carbohydrates are not only cereals, vegetables have, vegetables, beans, grains.

Ainda sem resultados na perda de massa gorda?

Assim de uma forma rápida, 4 razões que têm influência de, neste momento, não ter o “corpo” (físico) que deseja!


1. Más relações

Maus relacionamentos criam stress e isso para a composição corporal é das piores coisas. Não falo de romantismo, falo também das relações com o seu sogro/a, colegas e chefes nada chatos. Isto, afecta principalmente a zona abdominal. Corte com as pessoas “tóxicas” (fale com elas primeiro) na sua vida e a gordura abdominal poderá desintoxicar.

2 – Intolerante?

Intolerância pode criar inflamação. Não falo de alergias, falo daquela inflamação de baixo nível que mantém o seu sistema em funcionamento. Ovos, nozes, soja, trigo e leite são os “Big Five” quando se trata de intolerâncias alimentares, mas pode ser intolerante a qualquer coisa como alho, salsa, abacaxi e beringela. Nada melhor que ter atenção aquilo que comemos e ligarmos a sensações e desconfortos/reacções e ajustar/retirar, experimentando.

3- Está “poluído”!

Fortaleça o seu sistema imunitário (coma mais rebentos, fermentados, miso, etc) e linfático (esfregar o corpo com uma toalha húmida, compressas de gengibre, saunas, etc). Vai de manhã à casa de banho? as fezes têm boa aparência? mastiga bem a comida?

4 – Esforço insuficiente

A maioria das pessoas não percebe que seus corpos são capazes de suportar uma bela e boa dose de treino (sempre adequada). Quer resultados e ler uma revista ou estar ao telemóvel ao mesmo tempo? Não me parece! Treino é foco! É ter a mente e corpo ligados, motivados! A metodologia, tipo de treino esta a ser ajustada? A intensidade esta boa? Faz treino de força?

Ter resultados custa e requer esforço! Mas, só assim vale a pena!

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