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1. Five Posture Cues To Perfect Your Exercise Form

The reality is, great exercise form is just the ability to maintain good posture throughout the movement. 

“If you get into a good postural position, odds are your form is good. And odds are the right muscles are doing the right work”.

2. Regulation of Food Intake, Energy Balance, and Body Fat Mass: Implications for the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Obesity

“Obesity has emerged as one of the leading medical challenges of the 21st century. The resistance of this disorder to effective, long-term treatment can be traced to the fact that body fat stores are subject to homeostatic regulation in obese individuals, just as in lean individuals. Because the growing obesity epidemic is linked to a substantial increase in daily energy intake, a key priority is to delineate how mechanisms governing food intake and body fat content are altered in an obesogenic environment”.

3.  What Trainers and Gym Owners Need to Know

“The mouth is the source of all calamity. If you talk shit about people, your employees will talk shit about you. Then employees will start talking shit about each other. Pretty soon employees will start talking shit about customers. Before you know it nobody will feel safe around you. Congratulations! You have completely toxified your business”.

4. Saturate, Incubate, Illuminate

“Our goal is not corrective exercise and our goal is not screening. Our goal is no negative results from conditioning and professional fitness coaching or athletic coaching. Unfortunately, no single program can achieve this every time for everyone, which is why data is critical to maximizing results through program modification”.

5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

“Now, while not giving a fuck may seem simple on the surface, it’s a whole new bag of burritos under the hood. I don’t even know what that sentence means, but I don’t give a fuck. A bag of burritos sounds awesome, so let’s just go with it”.


Articles on fire #3


1. The air almost unbreathable in the gyms    http://goo.gl/3MVHy2

When we exercise, we inhale more air on each breath and most of the air passes through the mouth, ignoring the natural filtering system, the nostrils. Pollutants entering the lungs and complications may begin! Beware of the ventilation as influences on cognitive and physical performance. Always have the chance to go outdoors, interspersing!

2. Stop lying about time. If your time isn’t yours then neither is your life     http://goo.gl/HLZXJw

“Exercise, health, better sleep, time to relax, meditation, eating well etc is rarely something we need to do urgently. Changing a habit or doing more of what contributes to our longevity and health is usually not urgent. It doesn’t have to be done right then. Which is why we put it off for “when we have time.” But it’s important.
That is, until we break down enough in health or energy. Then we feel the pressure to change and scramble to throw money at what will get us the quickest result. Then it becomes both urgent and important”.

3. Medical exams in FC Barcelona  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZECBNuiwO8

Assessment is (very) important in high competition but attention and to shuffle: clients use the Personal Trainer to stay in shape and feel good and not to be (constantly) to make evaluations. Always have the attention to evaluate and register lately. It may be boring…

4. Sorry, Your Gut Bacteria Are Not the Answer to All Your Health Problems       http://goo.gl/PV8KaC

“The hype has kicked off a gold rush. Big food companies—including Nestle, PepsiCo, Monsanto, and General Mills—have funded gut bacteria studies, and some have even opened centers to develop foods that interact with the microbiome, such as probiotics. According to Transparency Market Research the global probiotics market is expected to reach an astonishing $45 billion by 2018″.

“Still, despite the optimism, some researchers caution that much of what we hear about microbiome science isn’t always, well, science. Dr. Lita Proctor heads the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Human Microbiome Project (HMP), an outgrowth of the Human Genome Project. “We are discovering a whole new ecosystem,” she says. But “I do have some fear—we all do in the field—that the hype and the potential overpromise, and the idea that somehow this is going to be different—there is a terrific fear that it will all backfire.”

5. Recipe: Granola Bars / Cereal (the perfect substitute for all those boxed cereals)


6. Ten things to Stop Doing if You Want to Exercise    http://goo.gl/CYBAHB

No excuses, no excesses, without finding that is easy, without thinking that there is a right time, without fear of failure, without seeking perfection.

Fail, do, together, now, be happy!

7.Facebook Fraud  http://goo.gl/CoL2cg

Why this? To say that it is not the quantity that matters but the quality! But it is interesting!

Documentary: “Cowspiracy- the sustainability secret”

Have environmental concerns? With the future of your children? With others? The documentary, required, “Cowspiracy-The sustainability Secret ” aims to put into effect the production of meat and their food choices. And why? Because it is a very inconvenient truth!

Based on the reports of the institutions FAO  and World Watch, (scientifically proven and controlled), with no conspiracy, on the impact of agriculture on the environment,  show what incredibly Al Gore, conveniently (?) didn’t want to tell in “an inconvenient truth”: the biggest polluting our environment is the production of animals!

Away from the hype of Michael Moore and his followers, this documentary produced by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn is organic, puts a naked truth. Search scientifically, in institutions, in environmental groups like Greenpeace, in the State, in the production, in public opinion.

Interesting fact: “75% of Americans considers himself an environmentalist. Well, as proved by the facts in this film, you can’t be an environmentalist and eating animals, fish included, patience! Less than 3 of Americans are vegetarians “. Attention is not what we are talking about, vegetarianism. We are talking about  sustainability and future of our planet. If you want a sustained change of “global climate” has to be around here, necessarily.

The film explains that animal agriculture is responsible for, give or take, 51% of  gas emissions released into the Earth’s atmosphere, citing a report of the 2009 Wordwatch Institute. Animal agriculture is also a major cause of water depletion, deforestation, extinction of species and oceans with “dead zones”.

The most shocking are the opinions of the most famous institutions environmentalists who know but don’t want to know, a worth listen! Are interviewed doctors, scientists, government officials, producers, well directed, complete, without “dead zones”. Step-if dangerous, unstable terrain, and as the representative of the Amazon Watch admits: “a lot of people just keep your mouth shut because he doesn’t want to be the next with a bullet in the head”.

Even being a vegan you are contributing to the consumption of meat. How? Well, you have to see the movie to find out the reason. It’s embarrassing, pure and when many times science, graphics, articles, statistics, images are exposed, there is always the voice of Andersen to make us come back to earth because that is what we are talking about.

For a new blink of an eye, we clean the seeing that make us view seriously what the true path, and not just diets and more diets, seeing the world, our wonderful planet, one step, as “something inexhaustible” (not) at the mercy of homo sapiens sapiens and its follies. Not so much the sky or the earth but … now and already, in the middle, we are humans!



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Articles on fire #1

I’ll put some interesting articles here to meditate on them together. If you can share it, makes sense!



1.  “Week meal frequency, what’s the deal”!  http://www.healthylivingheavylifting.commeal-Frequency-and-iifym-Whats-The-Deal

It’s interesting if we think only in macronutrients or calories (?) but if we need to be focused and if you don’t eat at 4/5 hours can affect a reaction capacity and concentration, no?

2.  “Long of and strong muscles, oh irony” http://bretcontreras.com/long-lean-muscles-oh-irony/

Magnificent article that demystifies a sentence above announced. We want that the muscle have the appropriate length for that specific exercise in question and not put the joints in risk. But once the guilt is in the lack of information and the “wrong”marketing! Warning: Flexibility training do not mean increased musculoskeletal length.

3. “Olympic athletes will train as in the Paleolithic era?”

http: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed?termboullosapaleolithic

Read the article and the findings are inconclusive. The term “paleo” is irrelevant, the most used is the “genetics” but  “paleo” is fashionable, let’s use just in case!

4. Evaluation and work the muscles in high competition. Here is an example in which evaluation and proper muscle solicitation work can make a difference. http://m.espn.go.com/nfl/story?storyId=11665665&src=desktop

5.  Pregnancy. Super inspiring this portuguese blog  accompanying each week of pregnancy


6. “Protein, an excess”. This review/article  shows the excessive concern with protein intake. http://nutritionstudies.org/mystique-of-protein-implications/

With this “excess” gain the food industry, the exploitation of animals and diets that incite to consumption. Read please!

7. “As kitchen the garlic makes a difference”

As I said a few weeks ago, understand the culinary food, energy, makes all the difference.

8. Suggestions of a recipe that I tried and loved it, satisfying!

9. Exercise; a new (which it isn’t) I don’t want to hear. http://jonnybowden.com/exercise-the-news-you-dont-want-to-hear/
Excellent article that relates, and well, intensity and metabolism.

10. Interview: we’re all mentally ill http://outras-palavras.net/outrasmidias/?p=40001
Required! Understand the relationship between psychiatry, the pharmaceutical industry and the importance of rest and education.
“If we live immersed in a culture that makes use of the pills before any problem, it will reduce our ability to confront the stress and safety also in ourselves”.

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Feeding the hypertrophy

Was requested by client Simão Ribeiro to give some tips on the topic. So here’s some simple lines, incomplete. I repeat: incomplete!


1. meals of the day has the grams of protein needed? Of fat? of carbohydrates (HC)?
Protein-1.5-2.0 gKg of weight
HC between 1.5-2 g/weight in kg (more quantity in the  training of the major muscle groups)
Fats-less important but important

For help on this topic have the myfitnesspal

2. metabolism: Harris-Benedict Formula, already calculated? The calculation of Kcal will be as follows: basal metabolism + activity (Harris Benedict) + 200-400kcal depending on the biotope. calculator

3. Biotype. Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph or a transition (mixing) between them. Try google images too understand and qualify! Best would be to find information with a professional. Then is the following:
Ectomorph: think of training intensity and less volume, linear periodization! In food give enough importance to all macronutrients and ingest a little more healthy fats (olive oil, oil, among others); Thinking on HC it is important to ensure at least 15 of fats and the protein 1.5-2.0g/kg weight.
Mesomorph: in practice give primacy to both intensity and volume. A non-linear training would be beneficial. In food give less importance to the HC and decrease a little fat nothing.
Endomorph: normally in training the circuits are the ideal, more volume. In feeding the HC are the least important but don’t let them eat mainly in two meals together to practice.

But beware this rule may not be rule because it depends much of your history, adaptation of metabolism and functioning of digestive organs and the two brains: gut and brain.

4. your diagnosis. Understand what are the organs that work better/worst, if the systems are balanced.
For example: always is more dark? drink more water! Water is important, depending on person to person, but guarantees at least 1.5 l/day if training (not counting the food). But what if continues to be darker or pain? The organs of the urinary system may not be working well, in that case you may need to eat more legumes, vegetables, without specific caracteristics.
Uncontrolled sleepiness after lunch? Perhaps the pancreas and spleen need any activation or rest.

5. Local. Eat more intelligently because many times the calories are less important. If you’re going to ingest HC eat them healthy and not Cereals (Nestle, etc) and others. For example now you will begin the Autumn because not a porridge of millet (main cereal this season)? quinoa? oats? Spelt? among others. Attention: sources of HC are not just cereals. Just soak the cereal and bake it at least 3-4 of water about 1-2 hours. The cereal gains heat and strengthens your digestive system. Add a little salt to the cereal retain heat better. Warning: do not forget: Ectomorfos or ectomesomorfos to bet in these cereals.
Soups? 2xday are important. Are the best multivitamin. No cereals, with a little salt.

If you can buy directly from the producer, then markets and only in last chance large surfaces.

6. seasonal and culinary methods. Want to ruin your metabolism? Eat ice cream in winter and cooked foods in the oven in the summer. Important to eat and cook according to the station. Salads/sautéed in summer and winter stews and oven, simple!

We are Portuguese and Chinese Americans or not, eat according to our history, but also do not need to go to the Paleolithic period.

7. meals: Suggestions (find healthy recipes on the internet because no shortage). Think always in macros and what the priority (biotype and diagnosis) and if possible have always cooked vegetables/legumes.

Breakfast: rice porridge; porridge of  barley; millet porridge; (always with dried fruit); with healthy desserts (rice pudding, homemade honey, etc); butters almond, nut, or same. Oatmeal pancakes, carrot cake; bio eggs; breads (kamut, rye), tuna, beef, tofu, bio fruit (avocado, banana greener), others. Soups (miso for example).

Main meals: soup ever! You can always use the barley miso to enhance soups and get some salt.
See the tables and see if fitnesspal has ensured the macro in meals. It doesn’t always have to have animal protein source. See some of the latest publications (in facebook page) to have some guidance on this fact. Make simple meals! Protein source and vegetaislegumes might be enough, especially if endomorph.
Legumes are a good source of protein. If you give importance to this vegetarian group and always cook with a bit of seaweed Kombu. Don’t forget the homemade pickles and fermented.

Careful with that coffee, alcohol and other drugs (although the studies indicate that coffee is a good pre-workout stimulant) especially if you’re Ectomorph and your digestive system doesn’t work well.

Beware of non-food: simple sugars, refined, carbonated, some canned goods, etc, because in the end they take the focus, results and energy.

Supplementation? Motivation!

Attention: here I’m not talking about the practice and the importance of making a physical assessment, Max strength, etc.

8. Sleep. Without a good sleep is hard to get results, our systems well need. 7-8 am for best results and preferably be even overnight (10 pm-7 am). Focus on the following: sleep well!

9. Be happy. No stress is to much important! Nobody cares about this factor but have a purpose (of life), even at practice, and being motivated is half the battle.

We’re all different and not always cataloging works but with proper diagnosis, intelligent training, motivation, functional food, restful sleep, human relations in balance, hardly will have no results!

10. We’re going to train and eat well? Doubts?

O treino de cárdio é melhor que o de força para a perda de peso? Parte 1

Já há algum tempo que sabemos que o treino de cárdio, per si, não é a melhor receita para a perda de peso. Todos sabemos, ou não, que a melhor forma de perder peso é fazer melhores escolhas alimentares, sabe-las adequar à nossa condição momentânea, fazer exercício físico organizado e não organizado, gerir o stress e descansar bem! No entanto, todos os dias surgem ideias que esbarram sempre nos mesmos dogmas/interesses. Então, pegando no artigo Helen Kollias de 16 de Março sobre o tema aqui o adapto-o aos meus conhecimentos/referências para tirarmos algumas dúvidas.


O alerta dado por Helen teve consequência depois da sua leitura de um controverso artigo de John Berardi onde  este, dava mais preponderância ao treino cardiovascular para a perda de peso. Seguiram-se o mau trabalho dos media no tratamento da informação, análises superficiais e outras mais profundas da metodologia aplicada por parte de estudiosos do tema. Outros lamentaram-se por não haver intervenção nutricional. Se era para saber o impacto do exercício para quê a intervenção nutricional, apesar de sabermos que é a mais eficaz? A Massa Muscular interessa?

Para chegar ao seu apartamento sobe escadas? Se residir numa vivenda não se aplica! Enquanto espera pelo elevador suba as escadas. Se mesmo assim, prefere esperar faça um pouco de yoga, sorria, treine uma respiração mais profunda pois, nunca se sabe o que o espera quando entrar em casa. Isto tudo para lhe dizer que os músculos são importantes se subimos ou descemos as escadas, pelo facto de eles nos deixar realizar o movimento. Adicionalmente, ajuda-nos a perder a massa gorda.

Sim, a massa muscular interessa e vai perceber porquê!

Na 2.a parte de 3 vamos fazer contas às calorias e ao metabolismo do músculo.

Porque as mulheres não fazem elevações?

As elevações são um exercício completo e medem a forca ao nível do tronco e membros superiores. Então porque é que, mesmo estando em forma, a maioria das mulheres nem uma repetição faz? Na recruta das forças militares é exigido fazer, pelos menos, 3 elevações, para os homens mas, o mesmo não se pede às mulheres, porquê?


A fim de perceber melhor esta questão, investigadores da Universidade de Dayton (EUA) estudaram 17 mulheres que não conseguiam fazer qualquer repetição deste exercício. Durante 3 dias por semana ao longo de 3 meses, estas mulheres focaram os seus treinos no fortalecimento dos bíceps e do grande dorsal (principais músculos intervenientes neste exercício), utilizaram um plano inclinado como progressão para o exercício completo e no treino aeróbio para baixar a percentagem de massa gorda.

No final do programa de treino verificou-se que as mulheres incrementaram a força da zona superior em 36% e diminuíram a percentagem de massa gorda em 2%. No dia do teste das elevações, os investigadores ficaram surpreendidos ao verificar que apenas 4 das 17 mulheres conseguiram fazer pelo menos uma elevação. As restantes não conseguiram fazer qualquer elevação.

Paul Vanderburgh, professor Fisiologia do Exercício na Universidade de Dayton e autor do estudo, verificou que fazer elevações requer muito mais que força na zona superior. Homens e mulheres que conseguem realizar o exercício têm uma combinação de força, baixa percentagem de massa gorda corporal e estatura reduzida. As mulheres têm níveis mais baixos de testosterona, assim, durante o treino, e no geral desenvolvem menos musculatura do que os homens. Adicionalmente, não conseguem perder tanta gordura.

Portanto, independentemente da forma física das mulheres,  são estas as razões que explicam o facto destas conseguirem realizar menos elevações. Vanderburgh verificou contudo que, para alguns homens a dificuldade é semelhante principalmente se tiverem os braços compridos.

Este fenómeno relaciona-se com o sistema de alavancas do corpo humano. Quanto mais longos forem os membros superiores mais desvantagens se tem a realizar as elevações. Jogadores de Voleibol e Basquetebol não desesperem. Senhoras vamos tentar fazer mais elevações para uns braços mais tonificados!

 Adaptado da edição de 28 de Outubro do The New York Times Magazine.