1. Consistence is the Key. It´s all about the “almost every day” recipe! Be consistent on the study- the brain workout. Be consistent on the training- the body workout. Be consistent in breathing and put all the things together;
  2. Strength starts from inside. Starts in the brain, in the heart,  focus on the control. Without heart and mind the strength of the body is of no use, trust me about it;
  3. You create your hapiness. It’s you, your happiness! You have choices, choose well;
  4. Every experience, repetition counts. Be the best version of yourself in each one;
  5. Know “your purpose” Training. Know exactly the exercises, nutrition, sleep,  breath patterns and stress manegement that you need. Have a purpose of life!
  6. Protein deficience? I don’t know anyone that have it! So, don’t be obessed about it;
  7. All the time, if possible, with Joy. True enjoyment with heart, body and mind;
  8. Have ideas, goals and focus all the time. Know exacly what you want;
  9. Kitchen is the secret;
  10. Be an example. Practice, show it! The smallest act  is worth more than the grandest intention.



Spring, The Strength Season

“Always the Spring but never the same flowers “(Chinese proverb)


More light, more day, brighter, hotter, Nature awakens from its sleep of winter and look forward, here is the Spring! Everything is reborn, it rejuvenates, life expresses itself, stronger!

Observe nature and get a better understanding of the human being.
With the rest of winter, necessary, appears in the spring the “eagerness to go” for risk, with a clear vision and a sense of purpose. Urge the acting, the plant and seed ideas, formulate new ideas, believing that better if will reap fruit, make the right decisions!

As necessity, in winter we were more at home with the family, the metabolism down, we need to preserve more fat mass, calm the spirit, to reflect, to stretch more, the fireplace. With the arrival of more heat, took the family into the street, take the heat, emotions,  and food ideas, friendship! We want to grow and show us like the almond trees in blossom.

In the spring we will show us more, watching us, watching others, knowing and not knowing. Sometimes costly because it can be difficult to convey all that we want. Let’s take this slowly, spring is a challenge.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Spring represents the liver and gallbladder. The liver is called strategic planning officer, the great architect of our vision of the future, the official who see what courses we have to live our lives in harmony with nature “. Its companion, the gallbladder gives the ability to make decisions and judge wisely. A decision is not a matter of choice between equal alternatives. Through these employees we can see both the new possibilities and the wisdom of the past and thus view the field of clear and appropriate to take. Without a vision and a plan, decision and direction, no movement is possible – there is only frustration.

The element tree within us governs our sense of sight, the emotion of anger, to the sound of “screams”. Want to see better? Take good care of your vision and have one! The scream of wanting to live is the better communication but don’t turn it into a negative emotion. If we’re right, we all will hear without screaming, literally. Have you ever noticed that the problem of emotions of this season may be the anger, the frustration, but do you remember someone who has achieved everything you wanted? Let’s take this slowly, one step at a time. Grow and be reborn takes time, give it to you!

Flourish naturally and ferment of ideas. The fermented, the pickles are good for this season. Clean your liver, eat more sprouted and learn more about the turnip, radish and radishes. Give some strong psychedelic to your life as the plum vinegar, rice, and sauerkraut. The liver’s not too fond of animal products, alcohol, sugar, stress and polluting environments. Freshness is important, and green is the color!

The strength training starts making more effect because ligaments, tendons and muscles, which attach themselves energetically to the liver and gall bladder, are stronger. Take care of your knees! No Crossfit’s WOD and an exaggerated form. Start the day early, be outdoors and gardening can be a great discovery.

It’s time to reread “Walden or life in the Woods” from Henry David Thoreau, of hugging a tree, a friend, hanging out with friends! Where there are trees is also because it is spring. Go ahead because the spring doesn’t arrive until the summer. Use your abundant energy wisely and more than that, to paraphrase Pablo Neruda – “let life do what Spring does with the flowers”.

training, thyroid and metabolism

I’m doing the correct training, regarding the Kgs, rest, sleep and eat very well and yet still have no results, why?

One of the reasons may be the thyroid!



Thyroid hormones act in almost every cell in your body to increase cellular activity or metabolism. If there is too much or too little production of hormones, the metabolism of your whole body is affected.

Fatigue, drowsiness, mood swings, weight gain, forgetfulness, depression with irritation, muscle cramp and pain, weakness, decreased sweating, changes in blood pressure, high cholesterol, swelling in legs, blurred vision, cold intolerance, hoarse voice, heavy menstruation, hair and dry skin, hair loss and constipation.

What to do:

Diagnosis – identify and address possible causes of hypothyroidism, such as food allergies, gluten, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies and stress.

Optimize your nutrition – support your thyroid with a nutrition, including foods that contain iodine, zinc, good ratio of Omega fats-3/6, selenium and others. Vegetables sff!

Minimize the stress – eliminate the adrenal exhaustion managing better the stress (psychology) or mind & body classes like meditation.

Exercise – engage in thyroid stimulating exercise, which increases the thyroid function. The best are the respiratory and hiking on the mountain (oxygenation) with friends, barefoot preferably. Any activity not very stressful may help, depending on the degree of hyper or hypothyroidism.

Supplements – use of supplements can help improve thyroid function, including all the necessary nutrients for proper metabolism and function of the thyroid.

Heat – use saunas and turkish bath to eliminate stored toxins that interfere with thyroid function.

So, it’s not always changing the training that makes a difference!


Articles on fire #3


1. The air almost unbreathable in the gyms    http://goo.gl/3MVHy2

When we exercise, we inhale more air on each breath and most of the air passes through the mouth, ignoring the natural filtering system, the nostrils. Pollutants entering the lungs and complications may begin! Beware of the ventilation as influences on cognitive and physical performance. Always have the chance to go outdoors, interspersing!

2. Stop lying about time. If your time isn’t yours then neither is your life     http://goo.gl/HLZXJw

“Exercise, health, better sleep, time to relax, meditation, eating well etc is rarely something we need to do urgently. Changing a habit or doing more of what contributes to our longevity and health is usually not urgent. It doesn’t have to be done right then. Which is why we put it off for “when we have time.” But it’s important.
That is, until we break down enough in health or energy. Then we feel the pressure to change and scramble to throw money at what will get us the quickest result. Then it becomes both urgent and important”.

3. Medical exams in FC Barcelona  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZECBNuiwO8

Assessment is (very) important in high competition but attention and to shuffle: clients use the Personal Trainer to stay in shape and feel good and not to be (constantly) to make evaluations. Always have the attention to evaluate and register lately. It may be boring…

4. Sorry, Your Gut Bacteria Are Not the Answer to All Your Health Problems       http://goo.gl/PV8KaC

“The hype has kicked off a gold rush. Big food companies—including Nestle, PepsiCo, Monsanto, and General Mills—have funded gut bacteria studies, and some have even opened centers to develop foods that interact with the microbiome, such as probiotics. According to Transparency Market Research the global probiotics market is expected to reach an astonishing $45 billion by 2018″.

“Still, despite the optimism, some researchers caution that much of what we hear about microbiome science isn’t always, well, science. Dr. Lita Proctor heads the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Human Microbiome Project (HMP), an outgrowth of the Human Genome Project. “We are discovering a whole new ecosystem,” she says. But “I do have some fear—we all do in the field—that the hype and the potential overpromise, and the idea that somehow this is going to be different—there is a terrific fear that it will all backfire.”

5. Recipe: Granola Bars / Cereal (the perfect substitute for all those boxed cereals)


6. Ten things to Stop Doing if You Want to Exercise    http://goo.gl/CYBAHB

No excuses, no excesses, without finding that is easy, without thinking that there is a right time, without fear of failure, without seeking perfection.

Fail, do, together, now, be happy!

7.Facebook Fraud  http://goo.gl/CoL2cg

Why this? To say that it is not the quantity that matters but the quality! But it is interesting!

“Serve To Win”, a Lesson by Djokovic


I’m reading the book of Novak Djokovic “Serve To Win”

Those who follow tennis should not be forgotten that bad moment of Djokovic against Jo Wilfried Tsonga at the Open in Australia of 2010 in which simply “went down”.
Djokovic after this think a lot in all the causes of such episode: workouts, rest, coaches, personal life, it turns out, were not the training, the intensity, the volume, the rest the concentration, it was the FOOD!

The book shows, all right, what are the details that make the difference! Excellent to show that a diet may not be used for other person. For him a diet with little gluten worked but for you may not work! Diagnosis please!

Djokovic is a total athlete: trains the physical, mind and soul! Required reading!


Documentary: “Cowspiracy- the sustainability secret”

Have environmental concerns? With the future of your children? With others? The documentary, required, “Cowspiracy-The sustainability Secret ” aims to put into effect the production of meat and their food choices. And why? Because it is a very inconvenient truth!

Based on the reports of the institutions FAO  and World Watch, (scientifically proven and controlled), with no conspiracy, on the impact of agriculture on the environment,  show what incredibly Al Gore, conveniently (?) didn’t want to tell in “an inconvenient truth”: the biggest polluting our environment is the production of animals!

Away from the hype of Michael Moore and his followers, this documentary produced by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn is organic, puts a naked truth. Search scientifically, in institutions, in environmental groups like Greenpeace, in the State, in the production, in public opinion.

Interesting fact: “75% of Americans considers himself an environmentalist. Well, as proved by the facts in this film, you can’t be an environmentalist and eating animals, fish included, patience! Less than 3 of Americans are vegetarians “. Attention is not what we are talking about, vegetarianism. We are talking about  sustainability and future of our planet. If you want a sustained change of “global climate” has to be around here, necessarily.

The film explains that animal agriculture is responsible for, give or take, 51% of  gas emissions released into the Earth’s atmosphere, citing a report of the 2009 Wordwatch Institute. Animal agriculture is also a major cause of water depletion, deforestation, extinction of species and oceans with “dead zones”.

The most shocking are the opinions of the most famous institutions environmentalists who know but don’t want to know, a worth listen! Are interviewed doctors, scientists, government officials, producers, well directed, complete, without “dead zones”. Step-if dangerous, unstable terrain, and as the representative of the Amazon Watch admits: “a lot of people just keep your mouth shut because he doesn’t want to be the next with a bullet in the head”.

Even being a vegan you are contributing to the consumption of meat. How? Well, you have to see the movie to find out the reason. It’s embarrassing, pure and when many times science, graphics, articles, statistics, images are exposed, there is always the voice of Andersen to make us come back to earth because that is what we are talking about.

For a new blink of an eye, we clean the seeing that make us view seriously what the true path, and not just diets and more diets, seeing the world, our wonderful planet, one step, as “something inexhaustible” (not) at the mercy of homo sapiens sapiens and its follies. Not so much the sky or the earth but … now and already, in the middle, we are humans!



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Articles on fire #2



1. Intervention of a Macrobiotic Diet in the treatment of Diabetes type 2: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/dmrr.2519/pdf

Twenty-one days of intervention appear to be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. Interesting the intervention have been make in different countries: Italy, Ghana, China and Cuba.

2. Strategies to eliminate processed foods in our diets: http://eatlocalgrown.com/article/steps-to-cut-processed-food.html

3. Stories and records of someone who converted to a diet low in carbohydrates: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/low-carb-convert

Interesting conclusions by revealing that this kind of scheme may not be for everyone. Above all always take into consideration the objectives, their genetics, the sources of carbohydrates and the level of activity.

4. Mobility to overcome “the great depression” Boomer: http://breakingmuscle.com/strength-conditioning/how-to-train-the-boomers-safely-and-effectively
Don’t forget: first mobility. Never neglect the strength training. Use the intensity. Play!

5. The future of Psychiatry can be in our stomach http: http://www.theverge.com/2013/8/21/4595712/gut-feelings-the-future-of-psychiatry-may-be-inside-your-stomach

The State of the microbioma of our stomach can relate to a healthier mind.

6. The manipulated food may be hard to stop consuming: http://www.elconfidencial.com/alma-corazon-vida/2014-03-12/la-comida-ha-sido-manipulada-para-que-sea-adictiva-y-resulte-dificil-dejar-de-comer_100236/

The cooking has made us more human. Before we eat foods we eat often ideas and images. Improve your relationship with your stove, can be crucial.

7. See: the importance of physical education: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYEiYg3bThE


8. Specific vs. General | Gym vs. Field: http://deansomerset.com/general-versus-specific-gym-field/

The strength training has numerous transfers to many activities of daily life but, still, it’s better to make a series of 20-50 m sprint to catch the bus than do 100 squats a day. It’s more specific!!!