Marco Moutinho

35 years of movement and 15 years teaching people how to move, eat and have a good life. Marco Moutinho has a degree on Sports Science (specialization in Football Training Methodology) and a Post Graduation in Health and Exercise in one of the best Sports University in the World, the Human Kinetics Faculty, where the world famous soccer coach José Mourinho had its degree.

Personal Trainer, Nutritional Counseling and Life Style Coach, with strong interpersonal, intercultural and communication skills and expertise working with children, schools, and the elderly. Responsible for the formulation and development of holistic health programs at schools and health centers. Experience in developing partnerships with public and private organizations. Seeks to leverage this background for work opportunities in Spas, Clinics, Fitness, Gym and health centers.

He worked with some of the best national and international brands such as Nike, Microsoft, Technogym, antenna 3, Blue Travel, Madame Management, Lux Woman, TMN, Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, Banco de Portugal,  among others.





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