I drink, you drink, we fat!

Drink, sometimes, with friends, with family is good! Sometimes, not all weekends! One night can affect one week! I drink sometimes and it’s awesome! But, when you want results don’t forget:

1. Alcohol gave you extra calories, without nutritional value;
2. Increases appetite with a empty tummy, normally “high-calorie” stuff;
3. Dehydratation, water loss, urination! You loose minerals, fluid balance, vicious cycle;
4. Slow metabolism, minimizes your capacity to burn fat;
5. Increases body fat.
6. Drink sometimes is good, just that!

Go Mental Healthy

To  the weigh loss or other objective is important to have  a good mental health,  focus in the results, reduce the stress level (cortisol), sleep well, detox and stay well in family. Everything of this is important because you don’t have a mental health, you do a mental health!
Do you care about yourself? If not, this is the first step: Love yourself!
– Eat well, sleep well, exercise well, stay well,  think by yourself, enjoy yourself!- You exist, you are, you!

– Don’t try to be perfect, try to be the best of yourself!

– Have a luxurious shower with your favourite music playing. Let’s do it!

– Joke with friends, smile a lot!

– Fall in love by yourself but don’t be narcisist!

– Make happen “You”!