#articles on fire 8


1. Five Posture Cues To Perfect Your Exercise Form

The reality is, great exercise form is just the ability to maintain good posture throughout the movement. 

“If you get into a good postural position, odds are your form is good. And odds are the right muscles are doing the right work”.

2. Regulation of Food Intake, Energy Balance, and Body Fat Mass: Implications for the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Obesity

“Obesity has emerged as one of the leading medical challenges of the 21st century. The resistance of this disorder to effective, long-term treatment can be traced to the fact that body fat stores are subject to homeostatic regulation in obese individuals, just as in lean individuals. Because the growing obesity epidemic is linked to a substantial increase in daily energy intake, a key priority is to delineate how mechanisms governing food intake and body fat content are altered in an obesogenic environment”.

3.  What Trainers and Gym Owners Need to Know

“The mouth is the source of all calamity. If you talk shit about people, your employees will talk shit about you. Then employees will start talking shit about each other. Pretty soon employees will start talking shit about customers. Before you know it nobody will feel safe around you. Congratulations! You have completely toxified your business”.

4. Saturate, Incubate, Illuminate

“Our goal is not corrective exercise and our goal is not screening. Our goal is no negative results from conditioning and professional fitness coaching or athletic coaching. Unfortunately, no single program can achieve this every time for everyone, which is why data is critical to maximizing results through program modification”.

5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

“Now, while not giving a fuck may seem simple on the surface, it’s a whole new bag of burritos under the hood. I don’t even know what that sentence means, but I don’t give a fuck. A bag of burritos sounds awesome, so let’s just go with it”.


Doing Nothing is a big Step

“Learning without reflection is a waste, reflection without learning is dangerous” – Confucius

Think about that:
– Training is the stimulus but  rest and your thoughtfulness  are equally or more important;
Food for Thought: eat what you need! Not too much! Every mouthful counts;
– Have good relationships, friendships, in training and in life, learn to say no to extra training, are other important steps if you want to achieve your objectives in the performance and in life: we are social animals;
Sleep well is one of the best workouts. Think of nothing, empty the mind and/or meditate before bed, projecting positive thoughts, are other good steps to good results;
– The good Laziness,  desire to feel the signals the body gives us, to break with the frenetic pace of this society, are another good steps to do;
– Train/Work less and better: Smart! best moves, more aware, unify mind and body in each repetition: give meaning.
Be! Marco Moutinho