Gluten, free?

Are you a fan of gluten-free diets?, afraid of his relationship with inflammation, not to mention the amylopectin-A, then this video is for you.Moderation please:
1. Gluten-free diets are only good for disease celíac people.
2. Small percentage of people who have the disease.
3. Who wins it all? The industry of products of these diets.



Lies, dogmas and food jokes

(scientifically proven)

1. Breakfast is the main meal of the day? No, they’re all! But, can make this meal a great beginning. For supporters of “fasting” will be more complicated.

2. Saturated fat cause heart disease? Yes, if you eat a good amount and if it is of terrible quality but generally the relationship is not linear, as if sold this idea in recent decades. Fat is important for our health especially for cell membranes but, bacon? No, unless they are in the industry of the poor pigs;

3. High intake of Omega-6  and other oils is beneficial? easy answer: no! The ratio of Omega-6: Omega-3 should be 1: 1. If the sources are of origin rendered even worse.

4. Artificial Sweeteners better than sugar for diabetics treatment and promote weight loss? Run of sweeteners. The studies prove otherwise, including further increases in weight. Aspartame is a horror movie for the eyes of their digestive organs;

5. Soy is healthy? It was while it wasn’t fashionable. Now with mass production and the OMGs, gone are the benefits. You can eat but if only soybean.  Black Soybean is great!

6. Whole grains are good for everyone? But there is something good for everyone? for some, even love makes them confusion as more cereals. Even the integrals increase the level of insulin and leptin and the relationship between these two associates to the most common diseases like diabetes, cardiac problems and dementia. Control their intake but there is a trick: a lot of chewing grains can slightly change the process. We have the teeth for?

7. Genetically modified foods are healthier than conventional? In that world? This certainly not! And, its long-term impact, I believe, can be frightening.

8. Eggs are bad for cholesterol? Of course not but don’t eat eggs to the rhythm that the hens lay. Attention: if not organic (and even then you must certify this veracity but, let’s trust) of little serves to improve good cholesterol as the studies show!

9. Low fat diets prevent obesity and heart disease? If that were true, the main diets of the past century had worked. Fat is important for digestive functions, brain, endocrine and cell phones, ok?

10. The carbohydrates should be your main source of energy? Depends on your biotype, tolerances, digestive system and the type of carbohydrates. Attention, sources of carbohydrates are not only cereals, vegetables have, vegetables, beans, grains.

Feeding the hypertrophy

Was requested by client Simão Ribeiro to give some tips on the topic. So here’s some simple lines, incomplete. I repeat: incomplete!


1. meals of the day has the grams of protein needed? Of fat? of carbohydrates (HC)?
Protein-1.5-2.0 gKg of weight
HC between 1.5-2 g/weight in kg (more quantity in the  training of the major muscle groups)
Fats-less important but important

For help on this topic have the myfitnesspal

2. metabolism: Harris-Benedict Formula, already calculated? The calculation of Kcal will be as follows: basal metabolism + activity (Harris Benedict) + 200-400kcal depending on the biotope. calculator

3. Biotype. Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph or a transition (mixing) between them. Try google images too understand and qualify! Best would be to find information with a professional. Then is the following:
Ectomorph: think of training intensity and less volume, linear periodization! In food give enough importance to all macronutrients and ingest a little more healthy fats (olive oil, oil, among others); Thinking on HC it is important to ensure at least 15 of fats and the protein 1.5-2.0g/kg weight.
Mesomorph: in practice give primacy to both intensity and volume. A non-linear training would be beneficial. In food give less importance to the HC and decrease a little fat nothing.
Endomorph: normally in training the circuits are the ideal, more volume. In feeding the HC are the least important but don’t let them eat mainly in two meals together to practice.

But beware this rule may not be rule because it depends much of your history, adaptation of metabolism and functioning of digestive organs and the two brains: gut and brain.

4. your diagnosis. Understand what are the organs that work better/worst, if the systems are balanced.
For example: always is more dark? drink more water! Water is important, depending on person to person, but guarantees at least 1.5 l/day if training (not counting the food). But what if continues to be darker or pain? The organs of the urinary system may not be working well, in that case you may need to eat more legumes, vegetables, without specific caracteristics.
Uncontrolled sleepiness after lunch? Perhaps the pancreas and spleen need any activation or rest.

5. Local. Eat more intelligently because many times the calories are less important. If you’re going to ingest HC eat them healthy and not Cereals (Nestle, etc) and others. For example now you will begin the Autumn because not a porridge of millet (main cereal this season)? quinoa? oats? Spelt? among others. Attention: sources of HC are not just cereals. Just soak the cereal and bake it at least 3-4 of water about 1-2 hours. The cereal gains heat and strengthens your digestive system. Add a little salt to the cereal retain heat better. Warning: do not forget: Ectomorfos or ectomesomorfos to bet in these cereals.
Soups? 2xday are important. Are the best multivitamin. No cereals, with a little salt.

If you can buy directly from the producer, then markets and only in last chance large surfaces.

6. seasonal and culinary methods. Want to ruin your metabolism? Eat ice cream in winter and cooked foods in the oven in the summer. Important to eat and cook according to the station. Salads/sautéed in summer and winter stews and oven, simple!

We are Portuguese and Chinese Americans or not, eat according to our history, but also do not need to go to the Paleolithic period.

7. meals: Suggestions (find healthy recipes on the internet because no shortage). Think always in macros and what the priority (biotype and diagnosis) and if possible have always cooked vegetables/legumes.

Breakfast: rice porridge; porridge of  barley; millet porridge; (always with dried fruit); with healthy desserts (rice pudding, homemade honey, etc); butters almond, nut, or same. Oatmeal pancakes, carrot cake; bio eggs; breads (kamut, rye), tuna, beef, tofu, bio fruit (avocado, banana greener), others. Soups (miso for example).

Main meals: soup ever! You can always use the barley miso to enhance soups and get some salt.
See the tables and see if fitnesspal has ensured the macro in meals. It doesn’t always have to have animal protein source. See some of the latest publications (in facebook page) to have some guidance on this fact. Make simple meals! Protein source and vegetaislegumes might be enough, especially if endomorph.
Legumes are a good source of protein. If you give importance to this vegetarian group and always cook with a bit of seaweed Kombu. Don’t forget the homemade pickles and fermented.

Careful with that coffee, alcohol and other drugs (although the studies indicate that coffee is a good pre-workout stimulant) especially if you’re Ectomorph and your digestive system doesn’t work well.

Beware of non-food: simple sugars, refined, carbonated, some canned goods, etc, because in the end they take the focus, results and energy.

Supplementation? Motivation!

Attention: here I’m not talking about the practice and the importance of making a physical assessment, Max strength, etc.

8. Sleep. Without a good sleep is hard to get results, our systems well need. 7-8 am for best results and preferably be even overnight (10 pm-7 am). Focus on the following: sleep well!

9. Be happy. No stress is to much important! Nobody cares about this factor but have a purpose (of life), even at practice, and being motivated is half the battle.

We’re all different and not always cataloging works but with proper diagnosis, intelligent training, motivation, functional food, restful sleep, human relations in balance, hardly will have no results!

10. We’re going to train and eat well? Doubts?